What is Drunken Goats?

Drunken Goats Gameplay



  • Players start with 4 cards 
  • The goal is to collect pairs of each of the 4 Alcohol Cards 
  • Players may use Action Cards strategically to block other players, steal/swap cards/etc... 
  • Player's turn ends when they pick up a card from the draw pile 
  • No one gets "out." Everyone is in play until the end 
  • The games are short (~10 minutes) 
  • Action Cards tell you what they can do (no need to remember rules/look them up) 
  • Optional Drinking Rule: When someone gets a pair of Alcohol Cards, everyone else takes a drink


Why Drunken Goats was Created

"I play a lot of Table Top board games with friends and family. Unfortunately, a lot of games are complicated and too involved. Many of them have a lot of rules and you need to play 5 or 6 rounds to just start to grasp the concept. Also they may take too long to master or you can get out really easily. I wanted to make something that was fast paced, easy-to-learn, and where everyone is in play for the entire game. This is a game you could bring to a bar, to a game night, and that a beginner can have an equal shot at winning while still containing some strategy.


The development of the game begin in November 2016. I could not sleep one night after having a game with some friends.  I began thinking of all the things I hated about table top games and thought of what elements a great table top game should be like.  I thought about it for a couple of hours and in the middle of the night, I woke up my sleeping wife to ask her if it was a good concept.  She was not happy that I woke her up but agreed that it had potenial.  So the next day, I applied for the trademark and called my friend Eric (the Artist) to see if he was interested in doing the artwork.  He has been wanting to create a card game so we decided to partner together.  We've spent the next 6 months designing cards, testing gameplay, and seeking out printers/fabricators.  Our kickstarter ended in mid-July and is now for sale on Amazon and our website."

                Daniel Scott - Game Creator