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Gameplay Basics

All players are dealt 4 cards, dealer or winner of the last round goes first. A player’s turn begins when the player to your right draws their final card from the draw pile. At the beginning of their turn, a player MUST play any matching Alcohol Card Pairs when their turn begins After alcohol pairs are played (if any), the player has two options: they may play action cards or draw a card to end their turn. They can play as many action cards as they wish.

Once they draw their final card from the draw pile, their turn is over. Players may also trade in extra alcohol card pairs for three new cards."Stop Action" cards cannot be used on this type of move and this move does not end a player's turn. A player may still draw a single card from the draw pile.

Types of Cards

Alcohol Cards

There are four types of alcohol cards:

 Beer, Wine, Whiskey, and Tequila


If a player has a matching pair of Alcohol Cards in their hand at the start of their turn, they must put them in their Goat Pile or trade them in for 3 new cards from the draw pile.  

*Wild Cards may be played as Alcohol Cards.

Action Cards

These cards have instructions on how to use them. Action cards can only be used during a player's turn (after playing Alcohol Cards and before collecting their final card from the draw pile), with the exception of Stop Action Cards which may be used at any time during any player's turn.

Types of Piles

Goat Pile 

Each player will display pairs of alcohol cards collected in front of them. Cards in the Goat Pile cannot be stolen with Action Cards.

(face up)


Discard Pile

Where cards go after they have been used as actions or traded in alcohol cards.

(face up)

Draw Pile

Used to end a player’s turn or fulfill action card requirements. 

(face down)

How to Win

The goal of the game is to get one pair of each kind of the Alcohol Cards in your Goat Pile. 

The winner will have 1 pair each of Beer, Wine, Whiskey, and Tequila cards.


*Two individual Wild Cards may be used as any alchohol pair.

How Long a Game Should Last

From what we can tell, a game can last anywhere between 3 to 15 minutes. 

It's possible to win the game in the first hand with a bit of luck and a little strategy. 

You don't need to be an expert and anyone can win at anytime.

**Optional Drinking Rules**


Drink from whatever beverage you have in front of you every time an opposing player plays a pair of alcohol cards either as a need pair or as an exchange for draw cards.


If you're feeling crazy (and your genetic makeup allows for it), opposing players will drink to match played alcohol cards.

*Play responsibly and don't get (too) crazy!